Catfishing on Dating Apps & Sites

Catfishing, deceiving someone into a relationship online using a fictional persona, is cruel in more ways than one: creates a lack of trust, false hope and wastes the victims time.

So let’s just remind ourselves of what first date prep entails.

The planning begins the day you are asked on the date. You plan your outfit, alongside a back up outfit in case your first outfit is better left on your Pinterest board. The ‘date day’ is spent imagining possible scenarios of how the date will pan out. You spend a minimum of two hours getting ready. You shower (if you really like him), do your makeup and then re-do your makeup because you read an article in 2005 that proved, from a sample of 10 men, that they prefer a ‘natural’ look. One last look in the mirror and you decide to re-apply the red lipstick remembering the article that your mum sent you a week ago suggesting that the colour red exudes both power and intelligence.

You sit there clutching a gin and tonic trying to remain calm that he’s 15 minutes late. What if he doesn’t turn up? The panic continues to rise, he’s now 45 minutes late and you’re two gin and tonic’s down. As you begin to question whether or not you are slightly tipsy, the seat next to you becomes filled by a balding 55-year-old plump man. You smile politely and he responds with a toothless grin and then says “Hello Katherine”. Your heart sinks, you’ve been catfished. You knew a single, 28-year-old banker with an all American smile and a perfectly symmetrical face with a love of dogs was too good to be true – they only exist in fairytales… or do they?

Don’t rely solely on luck or charm, transform your dating experience by meeting real people and building real-time relationships.

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