Marrying An Intelligent Woman Will Help Men Live Longer

It's time to stop getting intimidated by intelligent women.

Men, it’s time to stop getting intimidated by intelligent women and embracing the smarts. According to a study by the University of Aberdeen, men who marry smart women live longer than those who don’t. Intelligent women can literally add years to your life, and as per the study, it is to do with their superior ability to protect you against degenerative disease.
In the Aberdeen research, identical twins were studied keeping into account their spouses, their environment, and so on. The study found that having a smart spouse challenges one’s cognitive function which in turn keeps our brain healthy and far from nurturing dementia.

According to the CEO of Alzheimer’s Australia, Carol Bennett, “Brain activity is one of the most critical when it comes to dementia, and social engagement has real benefits for cognitive functioning and mental health.”

Columbia professor and author, Lawrence Whalley, is in fierce agreement and states that in some men, even when signs of dementia were found in their brain scans, they did not experience any symptoms. These were highly intelligent men or men with intelligent spouses.

So, men, it’s time to make intelligence your top priority in finding the right life-partner. Maybe being ‘sapiosexual’ isn’t such a bad thing after all.


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