How to Tell if a Girl Likes You

#1 Her pupils dilate looking at you
This is as biological as it gets because she cannot change or modify this signal, and it is a huge giveaway she is interested in you. Also looking at her eyes and gaze you can tell a lot how she feels. Eyes are known to be the mirrors of our souls so you can learn a lot about a person by looking at their eyes. However, there is an important factor to consider and that is, try not to be biased. These things are very easy to read but at the same time very easy to misinterpret. If you like her and want her to like you back you might be looking at these signs and confuse it with her interest in what you are saying rather than her interest in you. So be careful and look at these signs in a cumulative way.

#2 Her body is facing you
If she is always facing you and her body or feet are pointing towards you, that is another sign. She might not even know she is facing you at all times so realizing these body languages can be very helpful when figuring out what she is saying with her body. Body language makes up 50% of our communication so it is very important to learn what it means. Feet, torso or body in general pointing at someone mostly means they are interested in that person. However, it doesn’t always have to be sexual, this can easily mean they are interested in what that person is saying.

#3 She seeks out your presence
She tries to be close to you physically or emotionally or just whenever you are around she comes by, as soon as she enters a room her eyes search for you. Her eyes get sparkly and her mood improves once you enter her circle or somehow become a part of the conversation.  All these are signs that she is into you.

#4 Being in close proximity 
Touching you accidentally, standing close by, or finding reasons to touch you could be a sign that she is interested in you and flirting with you. We said touch you, that could be touching your arm when she is laughing and that is one great way to find out if she is interested in you.  If you two are close friends, this could be easily misinterpreted because of your emotional closeness she could think that it is fine without thinking she is leading you on in any way.

#5 She laughs at your poor jokes
If your jokes are not particularly funny, yet she laughs whenever you make a joke or smiles when you talk these are huge signs that she is into you. Girls like guys who can make them laugh, so her finding you funny and laughing at your jokes is one way to show she likes you. But again there is a caveat for this sign as well. Maybe you both have the same sense of humor and she really did indeed find your jokes funny or is trying to be polite and not let you feel dumb after that joke attempt. There are many reasons she could be laughing at your jokes.

#6 She talks about you
Women talk, doesn’t have to be specifically about how hot you are but if she talks about you or even keeps mentioning you to her friends that is another sign she likes you. She can’t get her mind off of you so she keeps talking about you one way or the other. You are always on her mind so her tongue mirrors her thoughts and that is very sweet. She probably doesn’t even realize she keeps talking to you, up until her friends realize and points it out to her. If you have common friends and you hear about this from one of them, it is probably legit she is into you. Yet again there is a problem with this one as well. If that friend telling you about that topic has a crush on you she could be trying to overcompensate and think everyone has a crush on you and can think that way and tell you the way she saw it. Nothing is fool-proof when it comes to human interaction, especially if it is about liking someone.

#7 She asks you to teach her something
If she asks you to teach her something she might be into you. The best way to show she is interested in you and what you know, also a great excuse to spend time together. This is more than body language, it is a cue that she is trying to get you alone and to get to know you better. However, we can’t help ourselves but mention that this doesn’t absolutely have to mean she is 100% into you. You could know something she wants to learn and she might be coming to you as a friend and asking for a favor.

#8 She finds excuses to contact you
If she finds excuses to message you, call you or contact you in ways that sometimes you wonder was that really necessary she is probably into you. Messaging someone every day and finding a reason to do so is pretty straightforward and speaks volumes. There will always be exceptions to this and you need to look at it on a situation based way. Once you feel like there was no purpose and feel that gut feeling that the other person tried hard to create that conversation you can easily tell she likes you.

9 She will casually drop a little personal information
She is not going to give you too much information without knowing if you are a creep but she will give enough to intrigue you. If she tells you where she is going to be later that day or on the weekend, in a manner that she would want you to come by she is probably into you. This comes back down to being near you and trying to do something with you to establish some trust and to get to know you.

Conflicting signals

This is pretty complicated but we can all agree that human interactions are complicated. Nothing is under guarantee when talking about human interaction.

1. She tries to avoid you

This can be either when she is shy and doesn’t know how to communicate her feelings and the best she can do is avoid you. If that is the case, that is because you make her nervous and she doesn’t know how to act around you.
But at the same time, it can also mean that she doesn’t want anything to do with you and wants to stay as far away as she can. People are different and how they choose to show their feelings vary from one person to another.

2.  She mentions other guys

She might be mentioning other guys to get your attention and to see how you will react to it. Also, she might want to show you that she is desirable and other guys want her too, all this could just be a ruse to get your attention. However, this can also mean that she wants you to lose all hope and get the hint that she is not interested in you in any way. Additionally, she might be talking about other guys and showing you all the guys she is attracted to, so you know she doesn’t see you in that way.

3.  She shows a “general interest” in you

She could genuinely be interested in you and that is why she is showing interest in you and wants to show she is interested in you, but on the other hand, it can also mean she is friendly and wants to get to know you as a friend. Friendly people can get confused with being flirtatious and can lead people on. Just make sure you look at all the signs cumulatively and know humans are complicated. Even if she is not interested in you but she showed all the signs of being interested in you, do not be frustrated with her because everyone is different. Not everything should be sexual and know having girls as your friends can be a magical thing. Don’t lose a friend because you thought they were interested in you.

Common mistakes

  1. In tons of articles discussing this topic they mention “touching hair” as one of the top signs that she is interested in you, I’m here to tell you that is not always the case. It might be related to that or might be related to numerous other things that are making her nervous. Maybe her hair itself is making her self-conscious and she is playing with her hair for that reason.
  2. Taking everything personally. There will be moments you think you see some of these signs in a girl, but it could be a totally random coincidence. She might touch her lips, wet her lips, apply lipstick or whatnot but we girls do things just because we want to. Even laughing at your joke could be unrelated to liking you as a future partner, maybe we just really found your joke funny.

Some signs she is into you

* Her friends go to the bathroom, bar or dancing but she stays with you.
* She invents reasons to be near you, interacts with you, or tries to be alone with you.
* She touches you or is close to you.
* She introduces you to her friends.
* Her voice gets higher talking to you.


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