Ways to Show Someone You Love Them

Ways to Show Someone You Love Them

So you have met the love of your life on Triple L, and you want to find out more about how you can show your love to your partner. Showing love and passion can be troublesome for some people. So we will cover some of our bases on how you can show your love to your partner. Listening, understanding, and handwritten letters come on top of our list. However, keep in mind that this list is not in any order. Every relationship is different, so for best results read and decide what you can implement. Your goal here should be able to put a smile on your partners face. So with no further ado lets get started:

  1. Remember their favorites
    Knowing them plays an important role here for example; If you know their favorite team you can surprise them with tickets to a game. Or if you know their favorite cookie but they can’t find it anywhere search for it and give it to them. These actions will mean the world to them. They will see that you paid attention and did everything you could to make them happy.
  2. Choose them over your friends
    If you are in a relationship, you should be spending more time with your S.O than with your friends. In no circumstance, should you cancel your plans with your partner to hang out with friends. If anything you should always show your partner that they are your priority. Feeling that priority is a great way to show you love someone.
  3. Gift experiences instead of objects
    When gifting, experiences always beat objects. They are always more memorable, and you will show your partner that you have listened to their needs and wants. Also cared enough to create those experiences.
  4. Share your dreams
    Share your dreams and ambitions with your partner and ask for their advice. Sharing your goals with your partner will enable you two to talk about the future which will strengthen your bond, and show them that you want to see them in your future.
  5. Say “I love you ” Often
    Just saying “I love you” out loud will assure your partner of your love. Say I love you as often as you can and see the passion it creates in your relationship.
  6. Handmake your gifts
    Handmaking gifts are thoughtful and show that you have listened to your partner and know what will make them happy. Just putting out your own time and effort will mean more than anything money can buy. Making the gift yourself will make the present more extraordinary. If your handmade gift does not satisfy your expectations, you can purchase a complimentary present as well.
  7. Leave them notes
    Seeing handwritten notes will make your partner happy. Especially if you are not around to tell them how beautiful they are, how much you love them and etc. Reading your notes will sure put a smile on their face.
  8. Cook for them or bring them food
    Food is the soul of any love, it is what makes people happy and the foundation of care. It shows you are always there for them. Cooking for your partner your hands will make them fall for you all over again. The only thing better than eating is eating a home cooked meal made with love by your love.
  9. Surprise them
    Surprises keep relationships alive and show that your head is still in the game. Surprises show that you are thinking of them, making plans and doing everything in your hand to put a smile on their face.
    However, not everyone loves surprises so with this one you really gotta know your partner.
  10. Listen
    Listening is the foundation of all relationships. You cannot achieve anything without listening to your partner. Listening is beyond hearing the sounds that are coming out of your partner’s mouth or just nodding when they talk. When you are in love, you start listening involuntarily. However, guys need to put in more effort when listening.
  11. Do the chores they hate doing
    Everyone has duties they absolutely loathe doing but unfortunately have to do. In your relationship, both parties will be happier if you share the chores accordingly. They will know you love them and will love you back for it.
  12. Small romantic gestures
    You do not need grand gestures, to show you love someone, small gestures will do wonders. Pay attention to their needs, and help them out. Even remembering their coffee order is a small romantic gesture.
  13. Be honest with them
    Honesty is everything, and it goes beyond showing your love to your partner. Respect, love, and loyalty they all stem from honesty. If there is no honesty in a relationship, there is no stability and no love.
  14. Encourage them
    Whatever it may be that they want to do, support and encourage them. They should always know that you have their back, and they will always have you to back them up. Create a judgment-free zone so you can both feel comfortable with each other.
  15. Write to them( letter, song, poem)
    Just as handwritten notes or handmade gifts writing to your partner ends up under the same category. Show your love in any way you possibly can depending on your talents. If you think you are not very talented, still write to them. It is the thought that counts and they will cherish it.
  16. Hold them
    Holding your loved one is indispensable, may that be cuddling or just hugging them goodbye. Touching is important but holding them when they need you the most is essential. For example, holding her hair when she is throwing up will be something she will never forget.
  17. Appreciate their advice
    You do not have to take every advice they throw at you, and they sure shouldn’t try to change you via their advice. However, when they are truly trying to help you, show that you are listening and respecting their ideas. If you end up not taking their advice, let them know why. Never act like their advice was drivel. They are only trying to help you out.
  18. Look after them when they are ill
    When people are ill, they crave attention and want to be taken care of because they feel fragile. Be there for them and do what you can when they are ill. Just buying chicken soup and showing up with some medicine will cheer them up.
  19. Compliment them
    Let them know no matter what you always think they are beautiful inside and out and they are special for you. If you can make them feel secure and confident next to you, this will do wonders for your relationship.
  20. Support their ambitions
    As we mentioned previously, be honest, be supportive and always be there for your partner. They should know that you will catch them when they fall. This trust develops through continuous honesty and support. Support their ambition and never try to limit them. The sky is the limit, and you should both know and celebrate that.


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