Perspective: How Narcissists Really Think

Psychiatric literature indicates that narcissists possess characteristics such as entitlement and intense self-admiration. Narcissists victimize numerous human beings by way of their narcissistic personality, as the book Dangerous Personalities highlights. Please read the following list so that you’ll be able to spot narcissistic behavior whenever it occurs, and so that you’ll be able to take immediate action to prevent this behavior from negatively impacting you or any else you care about.

Narcissist perspectives.

#1: They love themselves.

What’s more, they think that everyone else loves them as well.

#2: They never apologize.

They feel as though anything they say or do should be accepted and praised.

#3: They feel superior to everyone.

They think they’re experts in every field and in every aspect of life.

#4: They constantly see faults in others.

And when there aren’t any faults there, they use their imagination to see them.

#5: They don’t think rules apply to them.

Basically, it’s like they are a king who is above the law.

#6: They expect constant appreciation.

They feel as though their very presence is a gift to everyone around them.

#7: They constantly measure themselves against other people.

Whether you’re a fellow parent or a fellow co-worker, they will count the ways they think they are superior to you.

#8: They’re impulsive.

They don’t think twice before taking negative action.

#9: They demand loyalty.

Even though they will give you none back in return (or in spite).

#10: They can’t handle criticism.

They will never forgive criticism even if it is warranted—and even though they constantly criticize others unjustly.

#11: They demand attention.

Again, they feel as though they are something like celebrities or other famous people.

#12: They’re manipulative.

In any way they can be.

#13: They demand gratitude.

They must be praised openly and ostentatiously.

#14: They’re snobbish.

If you haven’t accomplished anything significant or you can’t do anything for them, then narcissists usually see no reason to acknowledge or to respond to you existence.

#15: They constantly give advice.

Even when it’s obviously bad.

Preparing for a narcissistic person.

Avoid narcissists whenever possible, and above all else avoid staying in friendships or relationships with narcissistic people. Here are more specific examples of behavior to watch out for and to steer clear of:

#1: Gaslighting.

Gaslighting is an ongoing effort to deceive an individual into thinking reality is different than how it actually is. Trust your own judgement and facts over other people’s.

#2: Alternate realities.

Narcissists live in their own alternate realities as well. Again, when you notice that someone else seems to be living in a world that is different from reality, you must separate yourself from them before you are sucked into an alternate reality yourself.

#3: Unwarranted admiration.

As mentioned, narcissists thrive on admiration even though they virtually never deserve it. You must not stoke their behavior by admiring their negative aspirations.

#4: False entitlement.

As discussed, narcissists feel as though they are entitled to kingly treatment. Again, you cannot fuel their negative behavior by bowing to their ridiculous expectations.

#5: Exploitation.

Narcissists constantly try to exploit as many people as they can, as frequently as possible. This is why it’s much safer to avoid them entirely.

#6: Lack of equality.

You must realize that a narcissist will never see anyone else as being their equal, so they will never treat anyone else the way they deserve to be treated—whether they are equal or not.

#7: Insecurity.

Even though they’ll never admit it, narcissists are insecure. Hiding this fact causes them to harm others in the process.

#8: Poor judgement.

It’s impossible to make good decisions in reality when you are living in an alternate reality. Once again, this is why it is imperative to stay away from narcissists as much as possible.

#9: Lack of respect.

If narcissists do respect anyone, they never show it. Without respect, there can be no mutual or widespread progress.

#10: Overbearing.

Narcissists are aggressive intellectually, emotionally, and sometimes even physically, which makes them extremely overbearing overall.

#11: Moody.

When things aren’t going their way, oftentimes a narcissist will completely shift their mood and tactics. Look-out.

#12: Deception.

Narcissists probably resort to emotional deception the most. They will say or do anything to get you to succumb to their will or perspective.

#13: Manipulation.

Once several separate deceptions mount up, it becomes outright manipulation. Keep your distance.

#14: Anger.

It’s really not possible for reality to unfold precisely as a narcissist wants it to, and they always become enraged when this turns out to be the case.

#15: Lack of morality.

Narcissists possess few to no morals at all. Again, look-out and stay away.

#16: Pathological lying.

For narcissists, lying is simply a way of life. Oftentimes, they lie so much that they truly believe their lies are truths.

#17: Complete selfishness.

It is in their nature to be the exact opposite of a selfless Jedi Knight.

#18: Friends in low places.

Steer clear of a narcissists’ friends as well, because they either enable narcissistic behavior or they’re narcissists themselves.

#19: Inability to admit faults.

Nobody’s perfect—but don’t tell that to a narcissist.

#20: Inability to handle being challenged.

Even if the challenge is warranted, this will enrage a narcissist and they may resort to immediate physical violence.

#21: Lack of sleep.

As you might expect, most narcissists don’t sleep well because they have a lot of negative things on their minds each and every night. It’s likely that they even subconsciously dream about narcissistic behavior.

#22: Lack of empathy.

They can’t genuinely think of anyone other than themselves or genuinely see anyone’s perspective other than their own, so narcissists are entirely unable to experience or convey empathy.

#23: Lack of caring.

It’s dangerous to be around narcissists because they frequently have no regard for your health, safety, or well-being at all.

#24: Inability to compromise.

Quite frankly, it’s their way or the highway. 

#25: Lack of knowledge.

Since narcissists think they already know it all, they never absorb any true wisdom. This is why it is often best to for narcissists to seek and receive professional help in order to recover—they have so, so much to learn (and unlearn).

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