Some Interesting Facts About Life

When life is boring, and you have some time to spare, check out the fun facts below and enjoy their fun parts. It is nice to note that in the United Kingdom it is illegal to consume mince pies during Christmas.

People have many fears, but researchers say that the peculiar fear of feathers tickles is called Pteronophobia. Did you know that the sweat of Hippos turns red when upset? You did not know that, but it is a fact. When birds are many in a group, they are called a flock; what of crows? A flock of crows is called a murder.

There is a Facebook disorder that psychologists have identified called “Facebook Addiction Disorder”. I hope you are not an addict to the disorder. Women love lipsticks and statistics indicate that an average woman uses lipstick which is equivalent to her height within five years. Many people in the world love fun but others fear fun. What is the name of that fear? It is called Cherophobia.

None of you ever thought of saliva having a boiling point. However, it is interesting to note that the boiling point of saliva is three times higher than that of water. It is also nice to know that if you lift the tail of a kangaroo from the floor, it will not be able to jump.

There is an interesting fact that states that bananas curve because they grow in the direction of the sun. Goats also love dating, and billy goats go as far as urinating on their heads to have an attractive smell for their females. Did you know what happened to the individual who invented Frisbee? He was cremated and Frisbees made from his ashes after death.

Saliva is produced in small quantities, but it is interesting to note that your saliva glands can produce saliva capable of filling two swimming pools in your lifetime. If penguins lived with polar bears in the same location, they would be able to eat close to eighty-six penguins on a daily basis. Did you know that eagles are unyielding? They can kill a small deer and fly with it. Scientists have stated that heart attacks mostly happen on Mondays. So, take good care of yourself on Mondays.

You did not know that if you fart consistently for six years and nine months, you will be able to produce energy enough for producing an atomic bomb. It is vital to note that more injuries took place as a result of taking selfies than shark attacks in 2015. It is also right to know that the top meals that make you fart include milk, beans, corn, cauliflower, bell peppers, and cabbage.

Did you know that you can hear the voice of a lion roaring from five miles away? Now you know. When you are working on saving your energy consumption, it is important to check the reviews of all your home electronics because you will be shocked to note that a toaster uses half as much energy as an oven. You need to know that you cannot dream and snore at the same time.

You might be thinking that human beings were the first animals to get into a hot air balloon. It is wrong because the first animals were a rooster, duck and a sheep to have a ride. According to the latest census, fifty percent of the population of Uganda is under fifteen years of age. It may not be true, but reports say that Hitler’s mother considered an abortion, but doctors told her to keep the pregnancy. You need to know that Arab women can file a divorce in the event their husbands do not pour them coffee. It is also crucial to realize that saving one glass jar can conserve energy which is enough for lighting a TV for three hours.

Smearing a minimal fecal matter from a dog on insect bites will relieve swelling and itching. Many animals have an even number of whiskers, but it is paramount to note that a catfish possesses an odd number of whiskers. A traveler going to China should also know that social media is not available because Twitter, Facebook, and Skype have been banned. It is also interesting to understand that more than ninety-five percent of people usually text what they cannot say.

Statistics show that more than eight thousand Americans get injuries from musical instruments. The French word that has the highest number of synonyms is ‘surrender’. It has seventeen synonyms. It is funny to know that a kid can swim in the blood veins of a whale. You may find it a coincidence that the deaths of Hitler and Bin Laden were announced on 1st May. When asleep, sea otters hold hands together for not drifting apart.

Did you know the back and front paws of a cat are different? They have four toes on the back and five on the front. There is also a Taiwan company which makes dinnerware from wheat so that you consume your plate alongside your food. In your lifetime, you walk a distance which is equivalent to rotating twice the earth. Some people fear everything and this fear is called Panphobia. Did you know that the most poisonous jellyfish is called Irukandji? The fun part is that it is smaller than the size of a fingernail.

Did you know that all human being spent close to one hour as a single cell? Now you know. You did not also know that pirates used to put on earrings because they thought they would improve their vision. Did you know that the first alarm clock could only go off at 4 am? Now you know this fact as the clock was not adjustable. Many people ask themselves if birds urinate; the answer is that they do not urinate.

Are you left handed? You need to know that more than 2500 left-handed individuals die as a result of using right-handed products. The skeleton of the horse has approximately 206 bones. There is a unique fact that you will not believe; China has more speakers of English as compared to the United States. Lastly, you need to note that you will spend almost thirty-eight days of your time brushing your teeth.


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