Six Habits That Will Change Your Life Forever

For better:

  1. Daily exercise – this is pretty fundamental to wellbeing. Go for a walk. Run. Lift some weights. Anything. Just be sure to make it a regular habit.
  2. Spiritual investment whether it be going to church, meditating, or spending time in nature, it is important we invest into our mental health.
  3. Financial discipline – this is simple but so rare. Unfortunately we live in a world where most everyone feels a need to keep up with one another. Getting new clothes, vehicles and houses to impress people who don’t actually care about us with money we don’t even have.
  4. Relationship maintenance – as we get older it seems to be more and more challenging to keep friendships going strong. More work, a spouse, kids and BOOM you’re busy 24/7. Still, taking a minute to text or call an old friend to check-in is worthwhile and critical to maintaining quality relationships.
  5. Taking ownership – people are so quick to blame others for their failures. It’s a sign of humility and strong character when somebody acknowledges their life is a reflection of the decisions they’ve made. We have the power to get ourselves out of poor circumstances. We also always have the power to take ourselves to the next level.
  6. Cooking – food brings people together. For starters, cooking is far cheaper than dining at most restaurants. It is also much easier to eat healthy/clean when you have the autonomy to create your dishes. Additionally, cooking is a tremendous way to connect with loved ones as well as strangers.

For worse:

  1. Addiction – little more needs to be said. Whether it be alcohol, drugs, food, sex, addiction is rampant in society and it can be paralyzing to the one suffering.
  2. Laziness – the more we do, the more we do. It’s an easy concept to understand. Likewise, the less we do, the easier it is to fall into that lifestyle. Hitting snooze. Avoiding work. Skipping workouts. Don’t let laziness manifest in your life!
  3. Negative self-talk – the way we talk to ourselves plays an influential role in our reality. As they say, perception is reality. Therefore, when we constantly frame things negatively we’re bound to perceive our lives in a morose manner.
  4. Conforming – the status quo should always be in question. Just because the social norm is to go to college, doesn’t mean that’s the right decision for you. Although marriage is common, doesn’t mean it’s for everybody. We need to quit conforming and start critically thinking about the aspects of life so many people accept without questioning themselves.
  5. Abusing plastic – credit cards are so easy to swipe. Studies show that when we spend cold hard cash we spend significantly less than when we use plastic. Yet we live in a time where most people are in (significant) debt and continue to swipe left and right without any consideration for the implications.
  6. Avoidance – issues come up all the time. Perhaps it’s with a roommate, spouse, co-worker or friend. The easiest thing to do is to avoid whatever is causing the tension. When we make avoidance a habit, our issues increase tenfold. Therefore, it’s important to face these obstacles head on to find resolve and move forward as a healthier human.


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